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Q1: What are the benefits of enrolling my child in a school based student care centre?

The school is a safe environment for your child to study and play in. It is convenient as you and your child will not need to make arrangements for commuting between school and Centre for CCA and remedial classes. With that comes lower overall costs as you save money on transport.

Q2: How can I enrol ?

If you would like to enrol your child, please SMS our centre to request for a copy of the registration form. Our staff members will make an arrangement for you to pick it up and can help answer other queries you may have.

To confirm your enrolment, please submit the completed form to the Centre Supervisor, together with the full initial payment* by cash or cheque. (*Full initial payment differs from centre to centre. Kindly approach the centre to confirm the payment amount)

Q3: What are the modes of payment?

Monthly fee payment can be made in cash, or through cheque and GIRO.

We strongly encourage parents to make fee payment via GIRO as this would help reduce the amount of time our staff members spend on fee administration, and free up more time to spend with the students.

Please request for a GIRO application form from us if you would like to apply for the use of this facility. The monthly fee will be deducted within the first five days of the month.

Q4: Do I have to pay extra for holidays?

You pay only the monthly fee and DO NOT need to pay the holiday surcharge:

  • If your child comes for half day service (either 7.30am – 2pm or 12pm – 6.30pm) during the 12 weeks of school holidays (March, June, September, November and December).
  • If your child comes to Alphajoy for the full day on special occasions during the school term. This includes Teacher’s Day celebration, Children’s Day, PSLE marking days, etc.

You NEED to pay the holiday surcharge:

If your child comes for the full day service (7.30am – 6.30pm) during the 12 weeks of school holidays (March, June, September, November and December). The holiday surcharge is calculated on a weekly basis.

Q5: How many students are in a class?

Our Alphajoy programme staff to student ratio is approximately 1:20 during homework supervision time. Students of similar ages are grouped together.

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Q6: What should my child wear to the centre?

Your child should wear the centre’s T-shirt, school shorts/skirt, and school socks and shoes.

Q7: Can my child shower?

Where facilities are available, we will try to arrange for the students at the centre to shower. However, where there are limitations, we recommend that students bring a small towel to freshen up daily before changing into their Alphajoy T-shirt. These items can be kept in their personal lockers, and brought home daily for washing.

Q8: If my child is sick, can he/she still attend the student care centre?

If your child is already unwell or might be unwell before coming to the centre, please seek medical advice before deciding whether to send your child to the centre. In the event that your child is ill or shows signs of any contagious diseases, please allow your child to rest at home until he/she has fully recovered.

Should your child fall ill during his/her time at the centre, we will notify you or the designated contact person, as soon as possible. Our teachers cannot prescribe and administer any form of medication to your child.

Q9: How can I communicate with the Alphajoy programme staff?

We are committed to communicating with parents about the progress of your children through the following ways:

  • Telephone calls (fixed line and mobile line)
  • SMS
  • School handbook
  • Informal discussions during pick up
  • Planned appointments
  • During the school’s Parent-Teacher meeting session

Our programme staff will also contact you should the need arise.

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Q10: Can my child leave Alphajoy on his/her own?

In view of your child’s safety, children should be picked up by parents/guardians in person from the school premises. You may nominate a proxy to pick your child for the occasions you are not able to be present personally. You may nominate this person(s) in the registration form.

For older children, parents can give written consent for the child to leave the centre by themselves at a daily agreed time.