Our Operating Hours

Alphajoy is open throughout the year, except on Saturdays, Sundays and gazetted public holidays. On the eve of Christmas, New Year and Chinese New Year, we are open till 2pm or as specified by the school.

Our general operating hours are

School Term

Monday to Friday: School dismissal – 6.30pm*

School Holidays

Monday to Friday: 7.30am* – 6.30pm*

* Kindly approach our centres for their specific timings, as individual centres may have different operating hours.

Special occasions

On special occasions, Alphajoy will be open for the full day (eg. Four days of PSLE marking) or from school dismissal till closing. (eg. Sports Day, or Children’s Day celebration). There will be no extra charge for the extended service provided on these days.

Alphajoy will be closed for six days a year for staff training and house-keeping according to the Ministry of Social and Family Development guidelines. We will keep parents informed of these dates in advance.

Our Programme

Our programme includes a mix of academic and recreational activities to allow our students to find a balance between working hard and playing hard.

Typical activities on a School Day

  • Lunch and wash up
  • Nap time
  • Tea break
  • Homework supervision
  • Character Development / Enrichment activity
  • Rest and recreation or Outdoor play (daily where possible)

During the school holidays, apart from some academic revision, our students get extended time for Character Development and other exciting enrichment activities.

A surcharge applies for students attending the full day programme during term holidays. There is no surcharge for the half day programme.


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Our daily schedule includes one hour of naptime for our students. Although naptime is primarily for younger students, older students may also choose to nap if they are tired. If your child does not need to nap, he/she can choose to complete his/her homework during the scheduled naptime.

Homework supervision

During homework supervision, children of similar levels are grouped together, with an Alphajoy programme staff to guide them. We encourage our students to actively seek out our programme staff for guidance in their homework. On top of this, our programme staff also help students with their spelling tests (English and Chinese). The programme staff to student ratio is approximately 1:20.

Character Development

At Alphajoy, we believe that academic development must go hand in hand with character development. Through our character development sessions, we teach and guide students in developing positive character traits such as responsibility, integrity, care and harmony.

We also want to help them think about how they can best respond in difficult situations. To do this, we use storytelling, scenarios or to help them learn how best to approach such situations.

In addition, we also help our children grow in lifeskills such as goal setting and conflict management when the need arises.

Meals provided

Nutritious lunch and tea break snacks are provided daily for our students. The meals are usually prepared by the school canteen operators and follow the guidelines set by the Ministry of Education. Halal meals are provided for Muslim children.

Holiday Activities

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During school holidays, with more free time, our students enjoy a greater variety of enrichment activities. Arts and craft, baking and food preparation, fun science experiments, exploring good literature, preparing for group performances, and community outreach are some of the fun and educational activities we plan for our students.

Come take a look at our bowling outing, where our students not only tried their hand at bowling, but also got to look at what happens behind the bowling alley!

To watch more videos, click here.

Some of the places that we have visited:

  • River Safari
  • ArtScience Museum
  • The Singapore Zoo
  • Jurong Bird Park
  • Singapore Science Centre
  • Seng Kang Swimming Complex
  • Bowling at Orchid Country Club
  • Kids Amaze indoor playground
  • Cinema for movie screening

Our Facilities

Our Centres are equipped with an air-conditioned room.  Mats are provided for the children during naptime. A variety of card, board games and toys such as Lego®, table soccer are available for supervised indoor play. This room also comes with a projector for movie screening, and includes a mini library where students can access interesting and educational good reads.